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New Student Admissions

RVGS Admissions Process

  • Requirements for Applicants

    Prospective students must have successfully completed Algebra I and Geometry prior to beginning classes at RVGS.  These courses do not need to be completed prior to applying, but students should be on pace for completion before the following school year. A GPA of 3.5 is generally considered to be a minimum for applicants, but most accepted students have a GPA at or near 4.0. Well-qualified candidates should display high ability in math and science, as well as a strong work ethic and interest in laboratory research and/or technology.  

    Application Process

    The RVGS admissions process begins by attending one of the Informational Meetings during the month of January (see "Current Year Admissions" section for the session dates).  Students should attend with at least one parent/guardian. Often, the earlier sessions are more crowded, so if you want to avoid larger numbers, you are encouraged to consider attending a later meeting (there is no advantage to attending the first session). A recording of the Informational Meeting will be available for families who have difficulty attending one of the scheduled sessions.

    After participating in an Informational Session, prospective students will receive access to the application packet. The application process is explained during the Informational Meetings. Applications should be submitted to the student's current school counselor by February 1.

    Student Selection and Notification

    RVGS staff have no role in the evaluation or selection of students for enrollment. Each district selects applicants to fill slots that are available due to graduating students, using de-identified student data during the evaluations to ensure a fair process.  The admissions process is based solely on student aptitude and achievement to ensure all students are treated equally.  RVGS mails acceptance letters in late March or early April (RVGS does not mail letters to applicants who weren't accepted, but some districts may send letters to these students).

    For More Information  

    If you have questions about applying, please call the school at 540-853-2116 or email Mrs. Sebolt ( 

Informational Meetings


    Date Time Location
    1/9 6:30 PM RVGS Lecture Hall
    1/11 6:30 PM   Franklin Co HS Auditorium
    1/16 6:30 PM   Cancelled - Recording posted
    1/18 6:30 PM   SRHS Library
    1/23 6:30 PM   RVGS Lecture Hall  


  • Alternative Opportunities: A recorded version of the Informational Meeting Presentation and the presentation file will be available below for families who cannot attend one of the scheduled meetings.  If you are watching this recording in place of attending an in-person meeting, ensure you complete the registration form to receive an application (QR code and link provided toward the end of the recording).  If you submit the registration form after Jan 23, please email to ensure you receive the application in a timely manner.


Recording of Informational Meeting Presentation


The deadline for application submission is February 1. Applications are submitted to the student's current year school counselor.