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Distinguished Research Scholars Program

Summary of the Distinguished Research Scholars Program

Distinguished Research Scholars Overview Presentation

Student Guidelines for Required Materials


Update,summer 2022: Students interested in pursuing a mathematics-based degree can receive this recognition with Mathematical Modeling listed as the focus area.  The criteria and requirements will match the criteria for Computer Programming, with the professional meetings/interviews focusing on professionals in the appropriate fields. 

A note regarding grade and course criteria for this recognition: RVGS is a highly rigorous program, including high expectations for classroom performance. It isn't uncommon for *strong students to receive some B's in courses at RVGS, particularly when pursuing our most advanced mathematics courses like Accelerated Calculus (ALC) and Multivariable Calculus. Please note that students must meet prerequisites to take these two math courses: an A average in Precalculus to take ALC and successful completion of ALC to take Multivariable Calculus.  The values we hold at RVGS are to take on significant challenges with the goal of growth and development...not to get all A's. Accommodation for this level of challenge is provided in the guidelines by allowing students to remain eligible with up to four B's on semester report cards.  It is implicit in a recognition program with specific criteria that some students will attempt to qualify, but not meet eligibility. It is our belief at RVGS that facing a high degree of challenge leads to growth and that the students will be better prepared for their future because of those efforts. Grading criteria will not be adjusted for individual students to remain eligible. 

* Less than 20% of RVGS students graduate with all A's in RVGS classes. Colleges recognize the increased rigor of our program and RVGS far exceeds national acceptance rates at competitive universities (e.g. - approximately 2/3 of our students accepted to UVA do not have all A's in their RVGS classes and RVGS students are accepted there at more than three times UVA's national acceptance rate).