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    Read Me: Basic info for students/families who missed the May 18th New Student/Family meeting is below on the left of the page. Below that is the schedule for live weekly help sessions for the summer assignment (via Teams). Below that is a library of skills review videos that RVGS math teachers created to help you be prepared for next year.  On the right side of the page is where you will find the summer check-ins. An explanation about summer check-ins can be found at the top of that section. If you have any questions, contact Mr. Levy via Remind or by email. (Posted on 6/11)

    The summer assignment instructions can be found RVGS Summer Assignments page on the RVGS website.


Resources and Info for New Students


  • Summer Help Sessions

    UPDATES POSTED ON 7/5: The help session originally scheduled for Tuesday July 18 will instead take place on Wednesday July 19.  The predetermined topics for Precalculus sessions have been eliminated in favor of precalculus students notifying Mr. Hoffman at fhoffman@rvgs.k12.va.us or which topics they need assistance with. These updates are included below in red text.

    Live summer help sessions via Teams will be provided at 10:00 AM for Algebra 2 and 11:00 AM for Precalculus on the Tuesdays listed below. You can ask for help on specific topics that are giving you trouble on the summer assignment or ask for a refresher of a skill prior to trying that section of the summer assignment. The sessions will not run for a set amount of time and will end when student questions are answered, so students should show up at the start of the help session if they have questions. If you have any questions about the summer help sessions or you need additional assistance, please email Mr. Hoffman at fhoffman@rvgs.k12.va.us 

    Help session link!

    • Tuesday, June 20 (*Precalc topic: Solving equations with fractions, radicals, or exponents)
    • Tuesday, June 27 (*Precalc topic: Simplifying radicals or fractions with least common denominators)  
    • ***No help session the week of July 4th***
    • Tuesday, July 11 (*Precalc topic: Contact Mr. Hoffman in advance to indicate topic you need help with)    
    • Wednesday, July 19 (*Precalc topic: Contact Mr. Hoffman in advance to indicate topic you need help with )  
    • Tuesday, July 25 (*Precalc topic: Contact Mr. Hoffman in advance to indicate topic you need help with )  

    *Algebra 2 sessions are open-ended based on the questions people have; precalculus sessions have specific topics that will be focused on during each session (listed below).  

    This radical and exponent rules handout may be helpful for you. Note that you should know these rules and not need to look them up during the school year, but this is a good refresher if you haven't learned them fully. Study this if you need help getting these rules down. 

    Math Skills Help Videos

    RVGS math teachers have recorded a series of skills help videos that will assist you in being prepared to enter Algebra 2 or Precalculus and while completing your summer assignment (students entering Calculus should contact Mr. Levy if they need access to help resources). Regardless of whether you are having trouble with a given topic, you are highly encouraged to watch all the videos for the math class you are taking next year to make sure you have a proper understanding of the topic. These resources are particularly important if you are having difficulty with a topic.

    Skills Help Videos can be accessed by clicking this link


Summer Check-ins

  • Click here for an explanation of summer check-ins. Every student should read this before opening the first check-in.

    Note: check-ins are set up to post automatically at 7:00AM on the proper day and last for one week. If a check-in is missing on the appropriate day, please notify Mr. Levy so he can fix the problem.

    Summer check-ins start on Monday, June 12 and new check-ins will be posted each Monday and Thursday through the end of July. 

    If you won't be able to complete a check-in at the proper time, use this form to give advance notice.

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