RVGS 2021 Project Forum


    Student information, including category links and schedules can be found on the "2020-2021 RVGS" Moodle page, with additional updates and information being sent by email as needed. Students should log in with with a display name of their project number and their first name.

    All students should be logged in and set up by 8:45 AM. Judging will start by 9:00 AM.  If you have technical issues prior to the start of judging, please contact Mr. Levy (mlevy@rvgs.k12.va.us) or call 540-853-2116. During the session, use the 'hand raise' feature to indicate if there are problems. 

    There will not be a moderator in the meeting rooms, but if help is needed the judge can contact Mr. Levy for assistance.

     Student schedule