The Roanoke Valley Governor's School, dedicated to leadership in innovative instructional practices, will provide a unique environment in which students and teachers explore the interconnections between STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and society. Through their educational experiences, students will develop the necessary skills and perspectives to impact our increasingly global society.


    • Math, science, and technology provide tools for dealing with the problems and opportunities of the global community.
    • A supportive, nurturing environment enables teaching and learning.
    • Individual differences exist and should be used as a resource for instruction.
    • The process of education is more than the accumulation of facts.
    • Teaching and learning involve the establishment of interconnections between and among disciplines.
    • Students, teachers, and administrators must be open to innovative instructional practices that are essential for growth and learning.
    • Given sufficient time, experience, and motivation, all students can achieve expected competency in the curriculum.
    • The application of knowledge motivates and enhances learning and is an essential part of the educational process.
    • Every person is accountable for his/her own choices and actions.
    • Effective teaching stimulates creativity, imagination, and excitement for lifelong learning.