Season 2 - 2023-24

  • S2 E1 - Rat Chat

    by Length: 9:02

    It's a new era for the Rat Chat podcast, with a new crew! Join the next generation of Rat Chatters on a look back at the history of RVGS and how the school has changed over time.

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Season 1 - 2022-23

  • The Rat Chat logoWelcome to the Rat Chat Podcast!

    Mission: The Rat Chat is an opportunity for RVGS students within our community to share and connect over their STEM-related interests. Created by RVGS seniors Lucas Mann, Sophia Schumaecker, Alex Kurtz, and Ben Dye, episodes will be released every other Friday with discussions about new topics and opportunities in STEM!

    We are looking for possible guests for future episodes. Please get in touch with us at if you are interested in participating.

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Season Two Crew (2023-24)

  • Season Two crew information will be posted soon...

Season 1 Crew (2022-23)

  • Alex Kurtz is a Senior from Franklin County who will be doing audio work and editing. He is a Student Pilot who enjoys Physics and math.

    Ben Dye is a Senior from Franklin County who will be doing mostly behind the scenes work for the podcast including recording and uploading. He would love to share his passion of disc golf through this podcast.

    Lucas Mann is Senior from Franklin County interested in podcasts as a format for dispersing ideas and concepts. He enjoys interviewing and journalism.

    Sophia Schumaecker is a senior from Cave Spring High School. As a co-host, she plans on helping with episode design, writing, and being involved in some of the post-production processes of each episode.