• Welcome to the RVGS Back to School Center!

    This page will provide a one stop location for all your back to school needs. All students and families should be sure to read the RVGS REUNIFIED "Easy Reference Guide", which covers a large amount of critical information in a single location. Other helpful resources include recordings of prior community meetings and copies of in-depth planning documents. If you have any questions not addressed on this page, please contact the school at 540-853-2116.

    RVGS REUNIFIED Easy Reference Guide



  • Instructions for picking up textbooks and laptops:

    Textbooks and laptops (if needed) will be available for pick up from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM according to the schedule below.

    Note: The student account must log-in on the school server before the computer can be taken home, so the student must be present for laptop pick-up.   Roanoke City laptops and RVGS laptops come from separate distribution sets and students taking AP Statistics, the Computational Biology elective, or both of those courses will need a specially configured laptops. Be sure to check with the volunteer or teacher in the lecture hall to make sure you are getting the right laptop and that the barcode is recorded.

    To pick up a laptop, you need to bring an AUP form signed by student and parent.  Roanoke City students also need the "RCPS Laptop Agreement" signed by student and parent to pick up a PASS laptop. You only need to print the last page of each document for signatures.

      Day and Date


    Thursday, August 6

    9th graders

    Friday, August 7

    9th graders

    Monday, August 10

    10th graders

    Tuesday, August 11

    11th graders

    Wednesday, August 12

    12th graders

    Thursday, August 13

    open to all students

    Friday, August 14

    open to all students


    Please enter the building through the side door of the lecture hall.  You will check out a laptop in the lecture hall, if needed, and then proceed down the main hall to pick up your textbooks. Exit through the back door by the break room, going out to the patio.