• Welcome to the RVGS Back to School Information for 2023-24!

    This page will provide a one stop location for materials related to back to school.  If you have any questions not addressed on this page, please contact the school at 540-853-2116.

    Back to School Night

    RVGS Back to School Night took place on Thursday, August 17. The presentation file that Mr. Levy reviewed with parents can be accessed by clicking here.

    School Opening Information Letter from Mr. Levy

    Please use the link below to access the back to school letter from Mr. Levy. This covers a variety of important topics and it is important that you read this information. The document includes information on:

    • Transportation and parking
    • First day of school and forms
    • Fees and payments (instructions for online payments can be found here)
    • Calendar information and important dates
    • Absences and attendance
    • Cell phones 
    • Student accountability
    • Grades and online gradebook
    • Dual-enrollment 
    • RVGS T-shirts
    • RVGS Foundation 

    Back to School Information Letter (Word)  PDF

    Back to School Forms and Surveys

    The majority of back to school forms are consolidated within a single online form, which should be completed by August 23

    The combined online form is available at: https://forms.office.com/r/BeiKbrKABr


    Student Handbook

    Students will receive planners/agendas on their first day of school. These planners include the RVGS student handbook. The handbook is also provided here for your review: 2023-24 RVGS Student Handbook


Calendar Information

  • RVGS event calendar  

    Roanoke City school year calendar 

    RVGS-specific deviations from the Roanoke City calendar can be found below

    • Non-student day - February 5
    • Last school day for Seniors - May 10
    • Projected last day 9th-11th - May 21

    Critical calendar dates to note:

    • Project Forum - Saturday, Feb 3 (inclement weather day Feb 10)
    • Senior Dinner - Monday, May 6 (senior families only)

    Winter Break/Spring Break: Information about accommodations for families who are out of town during mismatched winter break and spring break times will be shared when we approach these dates.

    RVGS Bell Schedule for 2023-24

Additional Information

  • RVGS Foundation - Kroger and Amazon

    Kroger Community Rewards Program

    Amazon Smile: The following link will allow a percentage of Amazon purchases to be donated to the RVGS Foundation https://smile.amazon.com/ch/54-2021617 .  Please note that the donations will only be processed if you start your shopping through https://smile.amazon.com instead of the normal url.  

    Drop-off and Pick up - UPDATED FOR 2023-24 school year

    Student drivers parking in the student parking lot:

    • Ensure you are being attentive and maintain a safe speed when driving on campus
    • Yield for pedestrians attempting to cross the road and be mindful of crosswalks
    • Do not attempt to pass cars in your lane that are stopped to drop off students
    • Enter the student parking lot ONLY through the entrance further away from the faculty lot (purple dot in picture below); the opening adjoined with the faculty lot will only be used for exiting during morning arrival
    • Do not drive through the faculty parking lot to access the student lot


    Parents dropping off students:

    • Prior to 8:00 AM, please drop your student off at the front entrance of the school (green circle in picture)
    • Please be mindful of bus traffic and don’t u-turn when a bus or other traffic approaches from behind you. Keep in mind that PHHS classes are starting earlier than in the past, meaning bus traffic will be arriving earlier.
    • After 8:00 AM do not drop off students at the front of the school (to avoid traffic in the bus loop)
    • If entering from the Grandin Rd entrance AFTER 8:00 AM: [Blue path in picture below]
      • Pull into the first entrance area to the faculty parking lot (following blue line) and drop off your student in the faculty parking lot (at the blue dot); they will cross at the crosswalk and should watch for traffic
      • Please pull as far toward the end of the faculty parking lot as possible (at the blue dot) to allow room for other cars entering behind you
    • If entering from the rear entrance (Lofton Rd) AFTER 8:00 AM: [Red path in picture below]
      • If your student is exiting from the passenger side of the vehicle, drop them off at the rear of the building (at the red dot)
      • If your student is on the driver’s side of the vehicle, you can take a left into the faculty parking (where the blue line enters) and drop them off there to avoid the student existing the car in a road with two way traffic


    If you encounter issues or have questions about this new drop off plan, please contact Mr. Levy.


    Morning dropoff