RVGS 2021 Project Forum


    Judge information has been provided in advance via email, including times and links for the judge meeting and category judging. If you have questions or technical difficulties, please contact Mrs. Fisher (mmfisher@rvgs.k12.va.us) or call the school at 540-853-2116.


    Student information, including category links and schedules can be found on the "2020-2021 RVGS" Moodle page, with additional updates and information being sent by email as needed.

    All students should be logged in to their category rooms at 9:15 AM. If you have technical issues prior to the start of judging, please contact Mrs. Fisher (mmfisher@rvgs.k12.va.us), Mr. Levy (mlevy@rvgs.k12.va.us) or call the school at 540-853-2116. During the session, use the 'hand raise' feature to indicate if there are problems. Each room has a member of the RVGS faculty assigned to moderate and handle issues that arise.



    2021 RVGS Project Forum ProgramClick here to access the event program

    Student Presentation Recordings: Recorded student presentations are accessible starting at 1:00 PM, by clicking this link - Project Recordings

    The videos are hosted on a "FlipGrid" page. You can select a category from the drop down menu and view videos by project number.  Project numbers for each project can be found in the Project Forum program.

    RVGS Foundation Annual AppealWe are fortunate to have the support of the RVGS Foundation each year to help purchase equipment and supplies for projects. The RVGS Foundation also funds prize money for projects recognized with category awards. You can add your support to the Annual Appeal by visiting our "Giving" page. 


    The Project Forum Award Ceremony will be held virtually, starting at 4:00 PM, accessible through the link below. 

    To limit traffic to the link, we request families watch together from a single device.

    Award Ceremony Recording


    Project Awards